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Background Atmosphere Strips Light

Background Atmosphere Strips Light

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 • Atmosphere Enhancing Light: These 5050RGB Color Bluetooth 5V light sets are designed to enhance the atmosphere in any room, perfect for a TV bedside bar, or any space that could use a little ambiance.

• Bluetooth Connectivity:Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control the lights from anywhere in the room, providing convenience and ease of use.

• 14+ Recommended Age: With a recommended age of 14+, these lights are suitable for teens and adults, making them a great addition to any age-appropriate space.


Through Bluetooth connection, you can use your mobile phone to control the switch of light, as well as the change of color, the use of light belt, makes your life more colorful.


Note that the number of lights included in the 2-meter and 4-meter lengths is not the same.

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